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We Now Recycle Tennis Balls! 

We Now Recycle Tennis Balls! 

Did you know that an estimated 10 million tennis balls are purchased in Australia each year? Unfortunately, at the end of their useful lives, all of them end up either in landfills or in our waterways, eventually working their way into the ocean.

To address this environmental concern, we have partnered with Game On Recycling to collect and recycle tennis balls. From now on, you can dispose your unwanted and unloved tennis balls in the collection unit at Rackets and Strings (139a Henley Beach Road Mile End SA 5031).

All collected items will be sent to a processing facility in West Melbourne to be sorted into:

  • Tennis balls that can be reused and put back into circulation, thereby extending the life of the product; or
  • Tennis balls that have well and truly come to the end of their life and need to be recycled

Re-use items will be made available to various community clubs, groups, institutions and organisations, alleviating the costs of purchasing new equipment. Items destined for recycling will be granulated into 5mm pieces and used in a variety of manufacturing processes including the production of soft fall matting. All recycling and downstream processing will be undertaken in Australia. Game On Recycling will also be conducting research to explore new uses for these materials (like a rubberised sporting surface).

Game On Recycling is a program born through a partnership between ANZRP (Australia New Zealand Recycling Platform) and Wilson Sporting Goods Co.

You can learn more about our project here.

We hope you’ll join us in our endeavours to reduce the amount of waste generated from old tennis balls, and help us evolve tennis into an ecologically and environmentally aware sport.


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Beware of the backyard restringer

Have you ever splashed out on something you’ve been dreaming of for days and then somehow… not invested the time or money to maintain it properly? Maybe you bought a fiddle leaf and forgot to water it. Maybe you bought a brand new car but then put the cheapest tyres on it. Maybe you really splashed out and bought a brand new house, but didn’t repair things when you should have, and you’ve now found the house is in a state of disrepair. Sound familiar? Well, tennis racquets work just the same way… 

You’ve just purchased the perfect racquet to suit your game, you’ve played a few tough games, and won them of course. But you feel like it’s time for a restring. There’s a guy who lives just around the corner offering a really quick and cost effective service, so you think, “Why not?”.  

Why not? Well, keep reading… 

Have you ever thought about the fact that the only part of the racquet that actually makes contact with the ball is the string? When you think about it that way, it really does make sense to invest in the best string and have it installed by an expert.  

At Rackets and Strings, we have a world class Babolat restringing machine – one of only a handful of these machines in Australia. Only premium restring machines like this are able to achieve the required tension that suits modern day strings and high performance racquets. Outdated machines just can’t keep up. We know this, because we see it. We know this, because our customers tell us.  

Because of our reputation as the premium tennis, squash, badminton retailer in South Australia, we have access to all the best brands, meaning we have the most extensive range of strings you’ll see in the State. We have synthetic, polyester, multifilament and natural gut strings spanning all price ranges and playing styles. Major brands of strings we stock are Luxilon, Volkl, Tecniifbre, Head, Yonex and Prozone. We will never purchase inexpensive strings overseas, because we don’t have confidence in their performance. We trust the brands we stock, because we’ve seen how well they perform on the court. 

We are so proud of our restringing service. We restring up to 30 racquets per day (yes, really), and can restring a standard string pattern racquet in 12 minutes – properly! When requested (and when our workload allows) we can deliver a same day turnaround. In some cases, if you ring us before you arrive, we may be able to restring your racquet on the spot. Because we have our squash courts open at night, our opening hours are extensive, meaning you can come and visit us after hours to get your racquet restrung.  

Our tailored and personalised service means that we print a label to place on your racquet, noting the tension, date of the restring, string type and gauge so we can then use this information to determine if we need to tweak anything at the next restring.  

Our customers have told us that our restringing service is the best in the business! We find that once people come to us, they rarely leave.  

So next time you need a restring, try us out! We hope to see you instore soon