Dunlop Precision Pro 130 Squash Racquet

Dunlop Precision Pro 130 Squash Racquet


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The Dunlop Precision Pro 130 squash racquet is the go-to for advanced players seeking laser-sharp precision in every shot to outwit and outplay opponents.






Product Description

Stability technologies translate to unrivalled control – so you can expect more from your court weapon and play harder without hesitation.

HyperFibre+: Hyperfibre+ technology puts game-changing precision on your side of the court. Strategically placed HyperFibre ballistic fibres at 3 and 9 o’clock create a control-driven tennis racquet, increasing torsional stability on off-centre shots.

CX Grommets: Improved manoeuvrability and head speed with pocketed grommets and a hoop cross section engineered for improved aerodynamics.

Aeroskin CX: Shark skin-inspired texture minimises air resistance to slice your court weapon swiftly and smoothly to your target.

Hybrid Cross Section: Power without compromise to control with the combination of a box section in the shaft for arm-friendly comfort and stability, and an oval cross-section in the head.

Glide Polymer: Friction-fighting polymer with micro beams. Improves string movement to generate more power, more effortlessly. It strengthens your squash racquet for dependable performance week-in and week-out and extends the grommet lifespan.

– Couples seamlessly with advanced players seeking a control-driven weapon with critical stability in every hit
– Hyperfibre+ construction for improved torsional stability and control, even when you hit off-centre
– CX Grommets for lighning-fast head speed and manoeuvrability
– Drag-reducing Aeroskin for improved aerodynamics
– Glide Polymer for optimal string movement and improved longevity of the squash racquet
– Improved control from closed throat engineering

Head Size: 470 sq cm / 73 sq in
Weight (unstrung): 130g / 4.6oz
Length: 68.6 sq cm / 27 sq in
Balance: Head light
String Pattern: 14/18

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Black, Blue, White

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