Head Graphene 360 Extreme 26″ Tennis Racquet

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Head Graphene 360 Extreme 26″ Tennis Racquet

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The Head Graphene 360 Extreme 26” kids’ tennis racquet offers the huge power and spin potential of its bigger brothers, but in a kid-sized package.





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Product Description

It delivers effortless handling and manoeuvrability in the hands of your rising tennis star, without skimping on control.

It has a sleek and flashy cosmetic to turn heads on the court and is ideal for serious juniors looking to climb the ranks.

New Graphene 360 technology maximises stability and the energy transferred into every shot – the result being greater power and speed.

Teamed up with the 16/19 string pattern with wider string spacing, your kiddo gets a court weapon designed for intense spin.

The spin grommets increase string movement to create a snappy, spring-loaded effect on ball contact.

This is an extremely arm-friendly weapon that provides easy access to power and explosive ball rotation.

– Designed for young players (9-11 years) seeking extreme spin and easy access to power
– Lighter and shorter compared to the adult models for a kid-friendly frame
– Fresh cosmetic with asymmetrical colour-blocking and an electric look
– Cutting-edge Graphene 360 technology reinforces key zones of the shaft and head for improved stability, structure and energy transfer
– Ideal mass distribution with Graphene in the racquet shaft
– Funnel-shaped spin grommets improve snap-back response to increase RPMs for more power
– Arm-friendly without compromise to control or power

Head Size: 645 sq cm / 100 sq in
Weight (unstrung): 241g / 8.5oz
Length: 66cm / 26in
Balance (unstrung): 1 pt HL
String Pattern: 16/19


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