Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP Tennis Racquet

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Head Graphene 360+ Prestige MP Tennis Racquet


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Re-engineered for 2020, the Head Graphene+ Prestige MP tennis racquet is a tournament-worthy stick in the hands of advanced players seeking to wield the control and feel of this iconic family.



Product Description

It couples a dense 18/20 string pattern with thin 20mm beam and optimal flexibility (61 RA) to keep you playing at your peak. At 98 sq in, the head size is slightly larger than its 95 sq in head predecessor, creating a more forgiving weapon paired with improved responsiveness in the upper zone of the stringbed.

The Graphene 360+ technology takes Graphene 360 to the next level. You get a cleaner sensation on contact thanks to the SpiralFibres in the lower zone of the head.

It offers pinpoint precision on full swings, easy access to power to drive the ball deep into your opponent’s territory and the ability to effortlessly attack the ball with spin

It’s surprising manageable for a tennis racquet of its weight class and is effective in redirecting the pace. It allows you to achieve surgical precision on aggressive serves and players skilled at loading it with speed with be rewarded with adequate power.

– Ideal for advanced players seeking surgical accuracy, control and feel
– Upgraded with a thinner 20mm beam for 2020
– Modernised feel with slightly more pop than its predecessor
– Couples the power and stability of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibres for a cleaner sensation on contact
– Larger sweetspot re-engineered with Graphene 360, enhancing your stability
– Generate easy depth and pace
– Pinpoint precision on serves
– Excellent stability from the net

Head Size: 632.26 sq cm / 98 sq in
Weight (strung): 337g / 11.9oz
Length: 68.58cm / 27in
Balance: 31.98cm / 12.59in / 7 pts HL
String Pattern: 18/19


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