Head Graphene 360+ Speed 25″ Tennis Racquet

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Head Graphene 360+ Speed 25″ Tennis Racquet


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The Head Graphene 360+ Speed 25” kids’ tennis racquet packs the technologies of the adult model into a kid-friendly package.





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Product Description

This lightweight stick ensures easy manoeuvrability in the hands of your growing tennis champ.

Game-changing Graphene 360+ technology sets them up with the improved energy transfer of Graphene 360 and features cutting-edge spiral fibres for a crisp feel and optimal flex.

The 16/19 string pattern provides optimal spin and high playability that your kid will love to get their hands on.

The Speed 25” has a fresh asymmetrical colourway with a bold clash of matte and glossy finishes in a monochrome look.

– Technologies of the Speed family packed into an easy to handle weapon for your youngster
– Great beginner’s racquet to stay inspired and climb the ranks like Novak Djokovic
– Graphene 360+ technology with specialised spiral fibres for optimal flex and energy transfer
– Kid-friendly length
– New grommets
– Bold monochrome style

Length: 63.5cm / 25in
String Pattern: 16/19


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