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Wilson Clash 98 Tennis Racquet


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The Wilson Clash 98 tennis racquet gives precision-oriented players a solid taste of what the revolutionary Clash family has to offer.



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Product Description

With the smallest head size in the Clash lineup, this tennis racquet is best suited to confident players with a proven history of planting the ball firmly and consistently on the sweet spot. If control is your priority, it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Weight and balance wise, it’s gram for gram identical to the Wilson Clash Tour 100, and features the same innovative tech to evolve your court experience and performance.

Clash was born from a fusion of two innovative technologies – FreeFlex and StableSmart.

FreeFlex technology allows the frame to bend like never before thanks to propriety carbon mapping. For you this translates to unbelievable free-swinging precision on ever strike and with maximised dwell time.

StableSmart is a specialised frame geometry engineered to accommodate the most flexible racquet design you can currently have in your hands. It provides reliable stability during your swing and at no loss to power.

By bringing this game-changing yet harmonious clash of racquet technologies to life, Wilson have set a new standard – where flexibility meets stability and power meets control.

No longer are these ideas mutually exclusive. With Clash you can have it all.

– Best suited to confident players seeking laser-focused accuracy on the court
– Extreme flexibility for court sessions
– Smaller head size elevates control, with the trade-off being marginally less stability compared to the Clash 100 Tour
– FreeFlex technology creates a frame that can bend in dimensions entirely unseen before in the racquet industry, using propriety carbon mapping and compatible with all swing styles
– StableSmart balances stability with breathtaking power by putting cutting-edge frame geometry into play
– Increased ball pocketing and dwell time
– Head light balance ensures whippy, lively handling and heightens control of the head
– Parallel Drilling creates a more forgiving response from the string bed
– Clean, sophisticated cosmetic with modern design details

We’ve got the specs for you, but the true test of this tennis racquet’s laser-sharp precision is to play.

Head size: 98 sq in / 632 sq cm
Weight (unstrung): 310g / 10.9 oz
Length: 68.58cm / 27 in
Balance (unstrung): 11 pts HL / 30.6cm
String Pattern: 16/19


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