Yonex Vcore 95 Tennis Racquet 2021

Yonex Vcore 95 Tennis Racquet 2021


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The Yonex VCore 95 tennis racquet is engineered for surgical precision in the hands of experienced players, loading your performance with enhanced control and feel with a compact, mid-sized head.




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Product Description

It hits the mark on spin, with the top zone of the racquet head having been widened. The updated beam is thicker, delivering increased power.

This drag-reducing design cuts swiftly through the air to commit to every stroke with confidence and effortless acceleration.

Full swings are rewarded with razor-sharp control and it consistently delivers impressive snapback off the stringbed.

A headlight balance pairs with a low swingsweight to plant risky shots on the fly and generate explosive, speed-driven spin.

Ideal for when the pressure heats up, it’s a solid weapon by the net with a whippy feel and undeniable precision.

– Mid-size tennis racquet with classic control and feel for experienced players
– Isometric head shape for a responsive and more generous sweet spot
– Upper area of racquet head has been widened in this latest generation
– Updated beam is thicker with increased power
– Aerodynamic design details including upgraded Aero Fin and Aero Trench grommets for reduced drag
– Whippy feel with exceptional spin potential
– Dominates the competition with surgical precision and speed
– An impressive stick for high-pressure performance by the net

Flex Force: Flex Force technology puts NAMD-2 graphite into play – an advanced, flexible material for spin-friendly performance and improved torque.

String Sync Grommets: Modern grommet system with improved snapback off the string bed. The strategic funnel-shaped inserts translate to improved spin potential, particularly when paired with the aerodynamic design.

Linear Tech: Friction-reducing design between racquets and strings for improved string movement, enlarged sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-centre shots – delivering the spin you crave.

Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM): Improved comfort and cleaner sensation for reduced fatigue during long rallies.

Head Size: 612.9 sq cm / 95 sq in
Weight: 310g / 10.9oz
Length: 27.in
Balance: 310mm
String Pattern: 16/20
Beam Width: 21.5mm / 22mm / 21mm

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