Salming Cannone Powerlite Squash Racquet

Salming Cannone Powerlite Squash Racquet


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The Salming Cannone Powerlite squash racquet is your secret weapon for whippy, lightweight power.

Product Description

It surpasses all other Cannone squash racquets in power, making it a worthy addition to these sleek, open throat racquets.

With double the Vectran material, the Powerlite design creates a solid sensation on contact, reducing vibrations and delivering solid power.

It packs your court sessions with a satisfying trampoline effect thanks to the lengthened main strings, with the longest being 37cm in length.

– Surpasses all other Cannone squash racquets in power
– Lightweight design cuts swiftly through the air
– High content of Vectran material for an ultra-powerful, clean and solid sensation
– Explosive trampoline effect off the springbed for power-driven drives

Head Size: 495 sq cm / 76.7 sq in
Weight (unstrung): 128g / 4.51oz
Length: 68.58cm / 27in
Balance: 372mm
String Pattern: 14/18

Composition: High strength carbon / Vectran / High impact resin

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