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Volkl V-Feel 9 Tennis Racquet

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The Volkl V-Feel 9 tennis racquet suits an aggressive playing style, providing explosive power to put spin and pace in your hands.



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Product Description

It’s ideal for intermediate and advanced players seeking speed at no compromise to stability.

V-Feel technologies including VCELL, REVA (revolutionary EVA) and VTEX have been integrated into the design to improve responsiveness, dampening, feedback and more.

It has an energetic response and precise feel from the baseline and is fast and powerful from the net, adding depth to your shots.

Aggressive players get an advantage with the generous spin potential and lively character for match day.

VCELL: A natural, bio-degradable cellulose material placed in strategic zones to enhance responsiveness and feel while maintaining lightness and strength.

REVA: The re-engineered version of Volkl’s VSENSOR dampening system. This innovative material is made of EVA + Resin for an energetic tennis racquet with improved feedback and dynamic handling.

According to Volkl it offers 35% greater resilience compared to standard EVA for quicker rebounding, 15-25% more lateral stiffness and 35-50% more torsional strength. Volkl claim this denser structure delivers 25% greater shock absorption, and you’ll find it feels stronger and stiffer in your hands.

VTEX: Innovative silicone polymer butt cap for improved dampening and solid feel while limiting movement, shrinking and cracking.

Super Grommet System: Uses Volkl’s Speed Grommets to enable multi-directional string movement and boost the spring effect with the V-Sponse material. It delivers superior shock absorption and power.

Precise Power Beam: New beam shape blends Volkl’s Classic and Organix beams for a traditional Volkl feel. Compared to the Super G series, it’s less rounded and improves control.

– Perfect partnership for intermediate to advanced players with an aggressive playing style
– Ideal balance of speed and stability
– Lively feel and enhanced precision from the baseline
– Combination of power and speed from the net
– VCELL technology uses a lightweight and strong natural polymer for improved responsiveness and feel
– REVA improves feedback, torsional strength and shock absorption
– VTEX creates a solid, dampened feel and prevents premature damage
– Super Grommet System for increased string movement to enhance dampening and power
– Precision Power Beam fuses Volkl’s Classic and Organix beam for a less rounded shape

Head Size: 100 sq in
Weight: 310g / 10.9oz
Length: 685mm / 27in
Balance: 315mm / 1.1in HL
String Pattern: 16/19

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