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Wilson Blade 98 Roland Garros Tennis Racquet


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A standout in Wilson’s popular Blade franchise, the limited edition Wilson Blade 98 V7.0 16/19 Roland Garros tennis racquet is a top choice for intermediate to advanced players seeking a new evolution of feel.

Product Description

This control-oriented weapon partners exceptionally well with players able to generate their own power.

It evolves your play with revolutionary FeelFlex to enhance your connection to the ball – elevating feedback for an improved court sensation without compromise to comfort.

Carbon mapping is positioned at strategic zones to provide flexibility and stability worthy of the aggressive game while polishing the Blade feel you love – translating to controlled feel, spin and power.

Compared to the previous model it’s slightly more head light, allowing you to manoeuvre the racquet head with the control you crave.

When weighed up against the Wilson Blade 98 V7.0 18/20, this is a more spin-friendly option owing to the open 16/19 string pattern.

It’s a fantastic match for all-court style and attacking players seeking to sharpen reaction times and feel, while delivering laser-focused precision and easy manoeuvrability by the net.

All-up, Wilson’s freshest Blade line-up caters seamlessly to the contemporary, hard-hitting player.

As the top-played racquet family on Tour, you know Wilson has got it right – putting in your hand slimmer beams for optimal flex. Setting you up with advanced racquet technology, they consistently deliver satisfying ball connection to motivate you to attack your rival and take command of every point.

Following player feedback and insight gained from the development of the Clash racquets, Wilson has stripped out the vibration dampening Countervail technology of earlier Blades in preference for superior feedback to create a more satisfying court experience.

The new Blades are upgraded with Wilson’s innovative Top Grip Taper to improve the top-hand comfort of two-handed backhand grip – so this is a stick you’d be happy to have glued to your hands.

Decreased variance in the specs between frames ensures consistent performance – coupled with a versatile selection of head sizes, string patterns and swing weights in the Blade line-up to personalise your play.

Bold design elements create a sharp, tour-ready look. This elegant paint job transfers the striking lime of the Blade series to twelve o’clock to create a rush of colour as you slice it through the air. It’s coupled with a matt black body with stylish silver-grey accents for a touch more flair.

In its seventh iteration, Wilson have re-engineered the Blade to outplay your opponent and your earlier self with the next generation of feel, while staying true to the formula that makes it a must-have among devoted Blade fans.

– The bestselling frame in the Wilson Blade series, re-engineered for unrivalled feel and performance
– Control-oriented frame best suited to powerful players seeking to sharpen their precision
– Ground-breaking FeelFlex technology with carbon mapping at key zones of hoop for improved flexibility and a satisfying connection to the ball
– FeelFlex is the next generation of the FreeFlex technology that made the Clash racquets able to bend in new dimensions and amplify dwell time
– Improved control and slightly more head light than previous model
– Open 16/19 string pattern to unleash explosive topspin
– Top Grip Taper increases comfort for top-hand grip
– Improved consistency with decreased spec variance (+/- 5.5 g) between frames
– Braided Graphite+ Basalt composition elevates control and feel with optimal flex
– Parallel Drilling creates a forgiving response on the string bed and more consistent feel
– Clash-inspired tri-coloured cosmetic for a clean, sophisticated style and elastic paint finish to turn heads on tour

Head Size: 632 sq cm / 98 sq in
Weight (unstrung): 305g / 10.8oz
Length: 68.58cm / 27in
Balance (unstrung): 32cm / 7 pts HL
String Pattern: 16/19


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