Wilson US Open Green – 3 Ball Can

Wilson US Open Green – 3 Ball Can


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Ideal for junior competitions, the Wilson US Open Green Tournament tennis balls are fractionally more forgiving than standard balls, catering to confident young players, juniors 10 years and up and improving adult beginners.






198 in stock

Product Description

They’re also a high quality option for anyone that prefers a slightly reduced bounce and slower speeds to improve performance and fine-tune technique on full-sized courts.

It’s a great ‘transitional ball’ with easier playability compared to a standard adult tennis ball, but greater difficultly when put side-by-side with junior-only tennis balls.

– Best suited for competitive play of your junior player or improving beginner adults seeking a more forgiving ball
– Ideal for stage 1 play – a final ball before taking on a conventional adult tennis ball
– Fractionally easier to control than a standard tennis ball
– According to Wilson, it lowers bounce by 25% compared to a standard ball and reduces speed to support improvement and transition to a higher skill level
– Ideal for players with racquets between 25in and 27in length
– Suitable for play on all full-sized courts
– ITF approved
– 3 ball ca

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