Wilson US Open Red – 3 Ball Can

Wilson US Open Red – 3 Ball Can


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The Wilson US Open Red Tournament tennis balls meet the demands of your up-and-coming tennis champion, catering to kids aged up to 8 years.






199 in stock

Product Description

It’s a forgiving choice to help them sharpen their skills without becoming disheartened – offering reduced bounce and slower speeds to master various strokes, compete on smaller courts and practice at home.

– Best suited for practice and competitive play of your junior player
– Ideal for stage 3 play
– Lowers bounce by 75% compared to a standard tennis ball and reduces speed to minimise difficulty while learning
– Highly visible colour allows for easy tracking
– Best suited to players with racquets between 19in and 23in length
– Ideal for play on 36′ courts
– ITF approved
– 3 ball can

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